Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A few weeks ago as I was scrolling through my twitter feed I saw a promoted tweet advertising an app that allows you to 'create your own fashion magazine', Vernez. Intrigued by the description, I downloaded it to my phone...Fast forward a few weeks and I am completely hooked!

Vernez is a brand new fashion app where users create their own mini fashion editorials, using their own imported images and clothing from a whole wardrobe within the app including all my favourite brands and labels. Their cool hook is the background removal tool that lets you take away backgrounds in seconds with just two swipes across the screen to create professional, clean looking editorial posts. But what I really love about the app is that the creators and team behind it are so into embracing and promoting new fashion influencers, from giving them this great platform to show off their fashion styling skills to hosting great events and workshops to educate budding journalists and editors.

I met up with Moyang, the brains behind this fabulous idea, a short while after discovering it to give a little feedback and find out more about the Vernez Influencers Academy. I was really pleased to find out she had a real passion for giving budding fashion influencers a chance to share their ideas and creating a new platform for them to promote themselves in an otherwise saturated online industry. Over lattes, we talked a lot about the restricting factors people like myself face when wanting a way of showing their content; time, money, equipment, and how the app can be used as a great start up point in getting noticed. She described Vernez as "twitter for blogging" which I loved, the idea of little sound-bytes of visual information that are quick and easy to create and quick to take in. Once you have created a fair amount of posts and you get a theme going, as you would with instagram or even a blog, it does seem like you have your own mini magazine to scroll through. So far I have been using the app to document outfit ideas, trend reports and street style inspired posts.

Since the app is completely fashion based all it's users are really interested in style and the fashion industry, so it really has the potential to become a great, supportive community of like-minded individuals.
Interested? Download the app here and use my exclusive invite code qig4x44moe to create yourself an account and to start creating your own fashion editorials. Follow me on there to check out what I've been posting, my handle is @hauteunruly! I'd love to see what you create.

If you've already checked out the app please let me know what you think and leave your username in the comments below.

Photographed by Andre Bernal

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  1. It was a great launch party!!! I was there too! Your pics at Vernez are amazing! Keep up the good work!


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